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I wonder -

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If we had had to shoot to save ourselves, and had managed successfully to neutralize the BG - would we then have any thoughts for administering 1st aid, plugging holes, tourniquets - CPR even?

I can think of numerous BG categories where we would probably feel -''let the ****** rot", but maybe too some more borderline cases - might we yield to the wish many of us have within, to save a life, even if here it was one that had nearly taken ours.

Again - I wonder ............ something to chew over.

To add - this based maybe on the(my anyways) wish to not kill (for killing's sake) but simply to neutralize threat - which is of course very likely to be fatal.
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Proboly not, If I have to shoot the BG he was endangering my life or the life of my loved ones, there for let the SOB bleed.
We had this thread a long, long time ago.

I'll say it again. If he was still alive but not moving I'd not do anything more to him, but I wouldn't touch him either. God will save him if he's meant to live through that. Even if I wanted to, I'm not an EMT.
I'm still the same insensitive bastard from the previous thread. :)
Me Personally

I'll run for the mop & bucket. :dead:
rfurtkamp said:
I'm still the same insensitive bastard from the previous thread. :)
That's why I like rfurtkamp. He never changes, and he's so touchy feely sensitive and guaranteed to never offend.
Sorry folks - I had not checked back far enough to find old thread. It was just something that crossed my (aging) mind! :smile:
I'd tell the SOB to plug the holes in his chest (hopefully) like The Dutch Boy and The **** or he's gon' fuggin' die. :biggrin:

Try to harm me or mine, don't think I am going to lift finger one to help you.
If I could safely try to save him I'd want to, BUT you have to consider AIDES!!!

touch that blood and you're putting yourself at great risk. I know they say casual contact w/blood won't do it, but notice the precautions medical professionals take. That says it all right there!
Assuming that the reason you pulled the trigger in the first place was to stop an attack that caused you to fear for your life, it makes no sense to subsequently expose yourself to renewed violence - the assailant may still have lethal intentions and abilities. Call 911, ask for EMT's and Police, and stay out of range of the attacker.

My $0.02.

MN statutes require you to render aid to the shooting victim if you are the shooter unless by so doing you can articulate that it would pose grave danger to you. I'm sure a call to 911 would CYA. Now where did I put that cell phone...
I've actually done it; administered first aid to someone who, minutes before, was trying to kill me. In that case it's because you have a potentially valuable prisoner for interrogation. On the battlefield it comes down to whether rendering aid will interfere with a higher-priority task... that holds true for administering aid to your buddies as well, you only do it if there are no higher priority tasks which need doing, and yes there are sometimes higher priorities on the battlefield even than rendering aid to a fellow US Soldier. You must be objective.

Likewise in a civilian setting you must be objective. I fall back on my previous post: you can't WANT to kill them, and you can't NOT want to kill them... you can't want them to die, you can't not want them to die. You must evaluate the situation objectively, you must always set aside passion in emergencies or when exercising deadly force. Not only does it help prevent mistakes, but if you can pull it off it actually makes you a more effective warrior.

After the shooting's over, these are tanksoldier's priorities, they may vary based on the specific situation:
1. Secure scene/ deadly weapons/ BG (even if you think he's dead)
2. Triage (check self, dependants and bystanders for injury).
3. Report to 911 based on triage and results of shooting
4. Render aid based on triage of GG/ bystanders.
5. Render aid to BG if it is safe to do so.

These are my priorities based on my experience as a combat Soldier and a volunteer firefighter/ EMT (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... but some things stick with you). YMMV.
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tank - pretty good advice methinks.

For most part I would not involve myself, for mostly all the obvious reasons - but I am perhaps aware of a case category where a stupid young person has tried to be the world's greatest stick-up artist and failed miserably, possibly too not even having threatened with a genuine piece.

Then I might feel I had to assist - but heck - it would be a very specific decision for a very specific set of circumstances.
Yeah, I'd help. I would stay very,very,basic. If while laying there in the middle of the road,he was just about to be run over by a truck,I'd pull him to the side. If he fell on the very edge of a cliff,and was starting to roll off,I would jam a rock under the downhill side of him. You have to understand. I would be very,very,upset and remorseful that the BG forced me to have to shoot him and now by his own choice I am going through all the psycological and phyisological trauma that he imposed on me ! Get the picture? Nothing heroic for me. I'm not a doc,nurse,FNP,paramedic,etc. My formal medical training was almost 40 years ago. SORRY BG.----P.S. Hope my cell phone works.
You can pump the blood out of them faster when you do chest compressions.
I wouldn't go near him; he may be playing possum. Furthermore, I'd try to prevent anyone else from going near him, even a doctor, because that may give him a hostage. Call 911 and request police and medical personel.

I reckon that administering some kind of aid would look good in a potential juror's eyes. Even after the shootings done, you're not hardly out of the woods.
Too many diseases out there, and many of the BG's are drug users so you have AIDS to contend with.

I'm not willing to "kill myself" over someone that has just tried to kill me. I'll call 911, that's it.

Don't bother

Shoot the BG, then step away from the BG to a safe place where you can keep an eye on him in case he's a stupid BG who might try to get up and come after you again, call the police. If he bleeds to death while waiting for the police, oh well. Maybe then he'll have learned his lesson.
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