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I wonder -

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If we had had to shoot to save ourselves, and had managed successfully to neutralize the BG - would we then have any thoughts for administering 1st aid, plugging holes, tourniquets - CPR even?

I can think of numerous BG categories where we would probably feel -''let the ****** rot", but maybe too some more borderline cases - might we yield to the wish many of us have within, to save a life, even if here it was one that had nearly taken ours.

Again - I wonder ............ something to chew over.

To add - this based maybe on the(my anyways) wish to not kill (for killing's sake) but simply to neutralize threat - which is of course very likely to be fatal.
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SSKC said:
Assuming that the reason you pulled the trigger in the first place was to stop an attack that caused you to fear for your life, it makes no sense to subsequently expose yourself to renewed violence - the assailant may still have lethal intentions and abilities. Call 911, ask for EMT's and Police, and stay out of range of the attacker.

My $0.02.


I concur....
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