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I've actually done it; administered first aid to someone who, minutes before, was trying to kill me. In that case it's because you have a potentially valuable prisoner for interrogation. On the battlefield it comes down to whether rendering aid will interfere with a higher-priority task... that holds true for administering aid to your buddies as well, you only do it if there are no higher priority tasks which need doing, and yes there are sometimes higher priorities on the battlefield even than rendering aid to a fellow US Soldier. You must be objective.

Likewise in a civilian setting you must be objective. I fall back on my previous post: you can't WANT to kill them, and you can't NOT want to kill them... you can't want them to die, you can't not want them to die. You must evaluate the situation objectively, you must always set aside passion in emergencies or when exercising deadly force. Not only does it help prevent mistakes, but if you can pull it off it actually makes you a more effective warrior.

After the shooting's over, these are tanksoldier's priorities, they may vary based on the specific situation:
1. Secure scene/ deadly weapons/ BG (even if you think he's dead)
2. Triage (check self, dependants and bystanders for injury).
3. Report to 911 based on triage and results of shooting
4. Render aid based on triage of GG/ bystanders.
5. Render aid to BG if it is safe to do so.

These are my priorities based on my experience as a combat Soldier and a volunteer firefighter/ EMT (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... but some things stick with you). YMMV.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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