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I'm simply amazed and steamed!

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I rarely get upset, but I'm so frustrated by what I've witnessed over the past several days/past week! The Bible teaches that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, in other words, men are all sinneres and since we are, we sin. Now mom's and dad's spend 18 or more years trying to get us to act contrary to our "human" or "fallen" nature. In otherworlds, it's natural for a child to hit, steal, etc., so mom and dad train and teach us to control the natural desires and to adopt moral constraints. After this gets in deep enough it becomes our character. Now I know all this but it amazes me to see the lack of character and wickeness of so many in this whole deal...

And to make it worse, what really set me over the edge was an article I just finished reading about how they're "disarming" residents of new orleans who don't want to evacuate.

I won't debate whether or not they should be able to force people to leave the city but I realize today that the only right I have to keep and bare arms is whatever a local police chief or military member decides. This is a snipit out of that article:

Police and soldiers also seized numerous guns for fear of confrontations with jittery residents who have armed themselves against looters.

"No one will be able to be armed. We are going to take all the weapons," Riley said.

They went into one home and took the weapons of a family that were armed in "THEIR" home. The article says they're handcuffing those who are armed and then letting them go later.

Sorry to vent but I'm VERY concerned about where this country is heading. I'm not even there or directly affected but it makes me plain angery that they're doing this.

Sorry for the rant but I'm in a very foul mood...


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As far as I know there has been no formal declaration of martial law, and a mere mayor doesn't have the power to outlaw guns on his own. Even if martial law was declared I'm not sure this is legal.

This steams me both as a citizen and as a Soldier. This cannot be constitutional.
Gideon - necessary rant - and I'll wager we are all in a similar frame of mind.

I cannot add much to what you said - only admit to a certain hollow and sinking feeling in my gut, seeing what can happen, HERE - in AMERICA!

I'll wager also - that as we see this happen, a certain resolve will be forming within - call it if you will - ''this won't happen a second time''! Certain colors have been shown - now we know.
Just about all of us feel the same way Gideon. Abuse of powers, because they can, doesn't make it right. I wonder if some of the gun organizations (NRA, GOA, etc.) are going to try to do something.

It would be a touchy situation because the NO authorities would claim the pro-gun groups/folks would be making their job that much harder. It's truly disgusting!
Welcome to the amazed and steamed club! I heard about this last night and still have trouble believing it.
+1 for what you guys feel ref. the above. P.S. See my post under"Law Enforcement,Homeland Security & Military Discussion ; NO Police Looting Report" post #11--------- I can't say this strongly enough, WE ALL NEED TO WATCH WHAT IS HAPPENING,AND LEARN FROM IT !! ------
Sickening isn't it? I'll bet my NRA Life Membership (worth $0.01 nowadays) that they do not do a dang thing about it. I'll eat my hat (figuratively :)) if they bring a lawsuit of any kind. :(
But, it's for your safety. Yea, right! Reminds me of grainly black and white newsreels from 1939 Germany.
I've said this before in another thread, but hasn't history taught us what happens to a nation of people that are stripped of the right to defend themselves and the only people with weapons are the goverment. It seems to me that the journey to oppression is not to far behind.

I have not yet heard of any lawful citizens shooting at or making trouble with the authorities. I just don't see the need to disarm all. Why are those who were wise to be prepared in all things(food, water, & protection) being punished?

I am not a doomdayist, but I don't think that this bodes well for us as a nation if we become accepting of such actions by the very goverment that was organized for our well being. I have spoken with several who are okay with the disarming and mandatory evacuations. What a bunch of sheep!
I just emailed the NRA. Told them I'd been thinking about joining, but thought they compromised too much. Told them my decision to join would be based on their reaction to the NO gun confiscation.
There's a saying that goes something like "it's easier to seek forgiveness than it is permission". There was a comment by a judge on FoxNews today concerning the police confiscating guns in NOLA. His statement was it's illegal and they can't do it, but they are anyway and who there is going to stop them? That seems to be the reaction of government and authorities in most crisis situations. Legality, the constitution and rights be damned... the attitude is "we know what's best for you, like it or not and legal or not because we're the government", and who's normally going to argue with a dozen SWAT members or soldiers with M16's pointed at your head. Remember all the stuff that became restricted and the anti terrorist laws that gave the feds major powers restricting our personal "rights" and to invade our privacy in the name of security after 9/11? Remember the camps set up for Japanese-American's during WWII? Give any government an inch and they will take a mile.

You'll usually hear from politicians, the government officials and/or the powers that be how this (you fill in the crisis/disaster/problem) situation is "unique" and requires a unique or extraordinary response. After the (you name it) is past, we can all sit down nicely and sort out any "problems" that were caused by those extraordinary responses. Well, after the problem is over, the powers in charge and politicians who went along and/or approved any questionable actions don't want to talk about it. If you try to remind them, you're called a trouble maker, unpatriotic or radical left/right wing nut for questioning their actions and life will go blindly on. Can we begin to count how many "temporary" laws, taxes, etc have become permanent in the name of public good? Remember the recent decision by the Supreme Court upholding a law that allows a certain city to confiscate/condemn private homes and businesses, then sell the property to big companies because it will generate more taxes in "the public good"! Most Americans seem to have the memory and attention span of a house fly and our elected officials know it... just like house fly's, they know if they keep feeding us the crap we want, we'll all be happy with whatever the "authorities" tell us. I suppose that's why human history is so full of the same mistakes repeated over and over again... we forget them, therefore we fail to learn from them.
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Are they loading them on cattle cars? OK, cattle buses....I agree, this is so sickening and disheartening as too eat ones' very soul of freedom. Were was the turning point? When did we pass the point of no return? Can we return to freedom?
The government(local,state,federal) is not confiscateing the weapons because they feel that the people will harm each other. They are confiscating the weapons because they are afraid that the weapons will be used against them. This is even worse than we can imagine.---------
When trust is not given to those for whom it should be accepted and deserved, then the trust for those willing to impune such is hardly likely to be reciprocated.

Bottom line - ''You don't trust me? Guess what - I do not trust you'' Great for public relations huh?!!

Why don't ''the authorities'' just also confiscate shoes and pants and any other damn thing they think of - seems that would make an ever better job of rendering impotent those who's rights have been trampled.
This is looting!
Armed bands going around, binding innocents, ransacking their homes while the owners watch helplessly, and then stealing their property. I humbly suggest that whoever issued this order be fired immediatly and thrown in jail for looting.
I feel that a huge part of this problem is the local government. Namely the mayor of NO. If you remember he is the one that stated on camera that upwards of 10,000 are dead. HUH? I think we all know that is a huge lump of BS. He is the first in the line of politicians that should be to blame. After all it is his city.---------
The other thing I realized while eating dinner was that we allowed each family in Iraq to keep one full-auto AK for personal protection - but we're taking guns from US citizens.

This hurts. We're fighting to give rights to people who don't want them and taking them from people who do.
Those who forget history are doomed to relive it. It's not the first time a mother state, overreacting following the exposure of it's ineptitude, tries to redirect blame, overreach authority, and protect itself from the wrath of those it let down. The free man's regard for the last meaningful straw of liberty, his arms, was underestimated by General Gage when he sent his troops from Boston to confiscate a couple of cannon and powder in Concord. Most of the populace (read flock) was willing to compromise, but the minutemen met them halfway, at Lexington.

The democratic mayor of NO had plenty of school busses etc to get everybody out. The democratic governor of LA had plenty of Guard to equip the dome with food and water, but she wouldn't let the feds have authority until too late. But not too late to blame "W."

Head for the hills!
Well, I can hope someone meets them half way in NO.

If they put out a call for aid, I'll fill up the car and go.
I'm glad I was reminded that in Iraq, the U.S. military is allowing each family to keep a fully automatic weapon of choice (like an AK-47) for their personal protection. Meanwhile, here in America we're taking revolvers and shotguns from American citizens who are in a disaster area that surpasses anything you'll find in the middle east, who are at the mercy of anyone who wants to do them harm and when asked why, the answer is "It's for your own protection". Only in America!!
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