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After doing business with Impact Guns for many years it appears that they have changed the meaning of their status called "available" to also mean backordered. Their "will ship no later than" date is no longer a guaranteed latest ship date. After arguing with me on the phone that available does not mean backordered, they sent me a cancellation email stating that the order was cancelled because the backorder date could not be met. So they officially said it was a backordered item after all.

For years I dealt with Impact Guns because of their excellent shipping and knowledge that when you ordered an available item with a ship no later than date, you could count on them to deliver when promised or sooner in most cases. Now I find that I have cancelled as all but two of my orders this year due to not actually having the items they advertise as available in stock.

It may not matter in most cases but when you order a gun and spare mag from them where they show the mag as available, with a no later date that meets your need for the gun and magazine for a trip and then find out that the magazine is not in stock or available but rather on backorder with their vendor, it is a problem that has forced me to go to ebay and buy the item at a higher price and pay for expedited shipping.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of this and this is not sour grapes over just one order but rather a problem I have had with them with several orders that I had to cancel. Websites that sell items that lead customers to believe items are in stock when they are not are a pet peeve of mine since I had run an ecommerce business. We had a real time inventory system and made sure that when we said we had something available, we had it ready to ship when we said we would. We built our reputation on that as we know that some customers count on being able to get their product by specific dates or risk big problems if not.
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