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Important Information For Our Unregistered Visitors

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For those that browse the forums but have not become members, we will be locking some of the forums and features off from non-members to encourage registration.

It is becoming increasingly hard to determine how much bandwidth, storage space and other resources needed to allocate to this effort unless we have a way to measure it by membership statistics which is, obviously, tied to the members we have registered. We are in no way saying that we don't appreciate visits from those that don't register, because we do. We are not in this for the money, obviously, registration is free.

Statistically, I believe, many that visit the board but don't register, do become members after visiting for awhile. And, while I would like more of our non-posting members to participate by posting (so we can benefit by your experiences as well) I know many people will never post, but it is still important that you register with us. It will cost you nothing. Period. I do not in any way use, sell or give away your personal information or email, nor do I spam our members, nor will I. Ever.

We would simply like to have you as a registered member so maybe you will be tempted to post and I can tell my wife, "Gee, Honey, we have a bazillion members, it certainly is worth the [insert dollar amount here] that we have spent on server hosting, storage space, bandwidth, software and the hundreds of hours I have spent on it over the last few months." :haus1: