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In need of a holster that reaches this height, vedder lighttuck?

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I need a holster that keeps the gun this high. This for me makes the appendix position so comfortable. I'm looking at the Vedder Lighttuck, can it reach this high?


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As you can see in the photo the one I have sits too low on the belt line for me. I raised it to show where it was most comfortable
The Vedder Light Tuck can be adjusted for ride height as well as cant.
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Check out the GESTALT Holster. It has adjustable height.
Gestalt Adjustable IWB
Hope you're wearing a belt when carrying like that.
Take a look at Black Arch Protos M single clip.
Another vote for the Black Arch Protos M single clip. You can get the gun riding pretty high in it. Check it out.
i agree with sammeow and make it a good one, your going to need an anchor to hold it down, otherwise when you go to draw that pistol you'll be pointing a holster at the bad guy.
I wear a belt usually just showing wear I need a holster to sit height wise with the gun. The leather one sits too low for my needs
You can get either, highride leather or kydex, IWB or OWB, if you had your druthers which would you prefer?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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