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Indexing troubles

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I thought I had this one licked. I own a Kel Tec P-11 and this is the pistol I am having my trouble with. I noticed one day when practicing my draw that I was indexing the pistol by placing my index finger on the trigger guard and NOT along the slide. This bothered me immensely. I practiced my draw for about the next 15 or 20 minutes and then again over the next few days to make myself index the slide. When I received my Gun Pack I drew from it, of course my weapon is unloaded through all of this, and I indexed the doggon trigger guard again :aargh4:. My grip on this pistol lines my trigger finger up straight with the trigger and I have to point it upwards to index the slide. Is this stretching the finger upwards just the nature of this type of pistol? Do I need to just continue working on it or do some people index the trigger guard?
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Practice is always good. But the real problem is that deadly holster. It can't really be a matter of training and practice. Why, I've heard that you won't be allowed into a training class because that holster has been banned. You should find a holster that doesn't trick your finger, and send that Supertuck Deluxe to me. I'll make sure you don't shoot yourself in the leg. :image035:
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