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Indexing troubles

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I thought I had this one licked. I own a Kel Tec P-11 and this is the pistol I am having my trouble with. I noticed one day when practicing my draw that I was indexing the pistol by placing my index finger on the trigger guard and NOT along the slide. This bothered me immensely. I practiced my draw for about the next 15 or 20 minutes and then again over the next few days to make myself index the slide. When I received my Gun Pack I drew from it, of course my weapon is unloaded through all of this, and I indexed the doggon trigger guard again :aargh4:. My grip on this pistol lines my trigger finger up straight with the trigger and I have to point it upwards to index the slide. Is this stretching the finger upwards just the nature of this type of pistol? Do I need to just continue working on it or do some people index the trigger guard?
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On My P11 I point my finger up to align along the slide,if I extend it straight out it lines up along the trigger guard,I personally wouldn't advise to curve your finger it could very easily end up on the trigger instead of alongside the trigger guard, not good
Either way, the pointer finger should end up on the slide... Landing on the trigger is possible with a straight finger or curved finger. One way has the advantage of not jerking back as easily.
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