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Inexpensive LEDs at Target

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I thought you guys might appreciate knowing that Target stores are starting to carry some neat new lights. My local Target has the best selection of cheap flashlights I've ever seen in a monster mart type store.

Specifically I recently picked up two Inova radiants in 2AAA and 2AA. See my personal carry lights are a little squeeze LED and a Surefire C2. Needless to say that's quite a difference, and I wanted to add another long life LED light that wasn't too expensive and used a common battery. The Radiant 2AAA fits the bill and costs $13.

The 2AA is surprisingly large and costs $20. It's a good overall light. I tossed it in my emergency supplies.

I thought I'd mention these because they have tail cap switches that allow for momentary on and constant on functionality. It's not a Surefire or a Streamlight by any stretch of the imagination but the tailcap switch gives it viability as a partner for your handgun. They'd be great for a backup for your better light, good to carry so you don't run down your Surefire, or if you're like me you stockpile batteries for emergencies and have lots of AAs and could use a decent but inexpensive light or three that uses AAs.

Oh and they're made in the USA too.
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Thanks for the tip, I think I'll check one out. I'm looking for more lights to test in my Projects Class next spring.

This is out of the $20 category, but I have to say, after testing some 20 handheld lights last semester, including Surefire, Streamlight, Maxfire ($20 - Walmart), Inova, Pelican in both LED and Xenon bulb, I carry a Streamlight TL2 LED ($51.75 from Botach).

The thing is amazing, really. It's small, rugged anodized AL, adjustable focus beam, blinding light, 2 CR123 batts ($1.00 ea - Botach). The thing runs at full power for about 150 minutes (I know, Streamlight claims 4 hours (240 minutes) - don't believe it) and I have run it continuously for 12 hours and it still has usable light. It's got a pocket clip and I clip it in my pocket everywhere I go.

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Thx Euc - I'm a sucker for flashlights - but in particular these days multi LED varieties. Some are excellent value and even if not up to output of Steamlights and Surefires, are simply good sources of emergency light and of course battery longevity is quite superb.

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I have both the Nite Ize LED upgrade for the minimag and the Opalec Newbeam LED upgrade for the minimag. Both are really go. The Nite Ize was $5 at walmart and teh Opalec was $30 when I got it. Now it is $20. I am really liking the Nite Ize product though. I have only had it for a few days though.

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