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July 9-10, 2005 (2 Days)
Felix Valencia is recognized in the weapons fighting community as one of the leading experts in edged weapon combat instruction. In addition to his edged weapons skill, Felix has been an undefeated Muay Thai and Full-Contact Stick/Knife Fighting Champion. Felix is a certified Close Quarters Battle instructor with the Police Combative Training Academy. Felix is also a two-time inductee to the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Felix has taught officers from the US Marshals, FBI, CIA Special Forces and various SWAT teams across the country. Take advantage of this special opportunity to train with one of the most sought out Close Quarters Fighting specialists in the country!

This 2 day seminar will emphasize reality based situations and practical Defensive Unarmed/Armed Edged Weapon Techniques. Covered topics include:

Unarmed: Takedowns and Ground Control
Knives: Long, Medium and Close Range Knife Fighting
Armed/Unarmed Ground fighting
Hold-up scenarios
Knife to Knife fighting
Weapon Retention and Disarms

Space is limited! Register early and reserve your place in class!
Cost: $229.00 for Both Days! (Paid by 6/30/05)
After 6/30/05: $259.00 for Both Days or $129.00 Single Day

Location: Modern Defense Institute - 4743 Clayton Road #2-B, Concord, Ca Time: 9:00-5:00 Sat/Sun
Register/Info Contact: Tim Llacuna e-mal: [email protected]
Phone: 925-686-5149

Wear appropriate workout attire. If you have one, bring your duty belt and holster. Groin protectors are recommended

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Felix Valencia

Hey out there! I recommend training with this guy highly. He is being inducted into "Master of the Blades" Society soon. Not too many of them around,especially at his very young age. He is the Paul Castle of knives! He trains Swat,Spec Ops, all branches of the military,L.E.'s and MA's. Gabe Suarez had him give a course a few months age. Gabe does'nt just support anybody. You have to be at the top of your game for an invite. Stay Safe. David1
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