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info please

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i bought a s&w 40ve take delivery on monday would like any info from some one that carrys or shoots this auto or knows more about it thatn i do wich isnt much ty i also would like opinions about inside the pants holsters vrs paddle style
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I'm sure that if you'll use the search feature, you will find tons of information.

Welcome to the forum
Welcome, Snake, from North Texas! No S&W 40 experience with me - though you'll find plenty here.
Snake if you could be a little more specific I am sure all here would try and help answer your questions. Not sure if you want info on a specific pistole or the 40 S&W round. As far as your question on IWB VS paddle well as far as I am concerned IWB is the best concealment but slightly uncomfortable for me. Paddle holsters don't hold the weapon tight enough to your body so will have a tendency to print a little more. My personal favorite is the pancake style holsters. All most as easy as a IWB to conceal and much more comfortable. Just my opinion I know lots of folks will disagree but that is what makes discussions so much fun.
Not giving you a hard time or anything, but always, always, research a weapon before you spend your hard earned cash on it. Make sure that it will fit your carry style and need. Some people find themselves buying several weapons until they get what they want. Moreover, some find that the stopping power is not what they want, or it does not conceal as good as they would like, or they find that they have bought a platform that is prone to problems. Good luck in your search. Finally they find for what they paid they could have gotten more gun that fit their needs perfectly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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