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I bought a set of CT laser grips for the ultimate SD gun :rolleyes: , a Sig 226. When I received them they wouldn't fit - the box said 226, but the grips said 229.

Sooo, I put them on my 229R DAK. One thing I noticed was that the laser interferes a bit with racking the slide. I can do it but it could cause problems.

I was surprised to discover they had two small activation switches on each side of the grip. I found that they were NOT easy or natural to reach. They were ok with a two-hand grip, but with a one-hand grip I had some muscle tremor trying to depress the switch. If I had my druthers, I'd druther have the activation switch in the front instead of the side.

I can see some significant tactical advantages and I can also see they could have some significant drawbacks. Advantages are:

- The laser would pretty much take the guess work out of shooting from a retention position.
- It could be very advantageous to not have to bring the gun up to eye level to make an accurate shot.
- It would be possible to use the laser with the gun hidden, such as a gun under a newspaper, etc.
- I can't help but believe a great use for a laser is improved speed and accuracy on long shots, i.e. 20 - 25 yards. It takes time to line up sights at longer ranges. With the laser, all you have to do is get the dot on target, even most of our "older" eyes can do that.
- Under conditions where the sights can't be seen clearly the laser may be an answer.

Some concerns:
- I can see how missing the switch(s) is a distinct possibility and that could be a real problem - something else to practice.
- From about 2 yards to 10 yards, I believe I would be faster with the sights.
- It is also possible to lose the dot. If it doesn't line up initially on the target/threat it may be difficult and time consuming to figure out where it is.
- I discovered that if I have my trigger finger along side the frame, it blocks the laser.

Some other observations:
- beam reflections - I discovered by accident that if the beam hits something reflective it shows up somewhere else as well. I don't know what the implications of that is however.
- After some experimentation, I doubt that it is very likely that someone could follow the beam back to the source. The beam itself is practically invisible, unless there is moisture to the point of steam or smoke in the air. What is a possibility is to see the red glow from the laser at the gun. That'd be bad.

So for me, the jury is still out. In the mean time, I returned the 229 CTs for the 226s.

Did I mention my Milt Sparks 55BN holster should arrive today?

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Hi Ron,

Pity they screwed up on the type - but anyways - some of what you mention I am aware of.

The finger blocking the beam - yes, it can happen but IMO only if finger not straight-out parallel with slide - if it is just a shade high then it can. That said - it is most certainly not in the way when using trigger and so I have no real prob' with that.

The pressure pads - oh yes indeed - while I find mine A1 I am well aware that if a hand is just not quite big enough then it either will not work, or is awkward. Not everyone would get on with mine for that reason. Overall I prefer front actuation but fortunately am well OK with the pads - work well too in an ambi sense.

Beam reflections I don't think matter - pretty rare. On the close shooting aspect, probably quicker to not use them - but - thing is if we go for a sight picture anyways as we should then - like as not the dot will show almost immediately. Does for me except in very bright light.

Long shots and awkward firing attitudes - yes most certainly, they are invaluable. I think (and hope) that when you get your correct fitting grips for the 226 you will find the pressure sw OK to use - I also like the CT feel over the factory SIG grips - but my hands are quite a fair size, tho not huge.

I hope they will be as good for you finally as mine are - heck I have CT's on all 3 SIG's now as well as 3 revo's - gotta prove something, apart from trying to bankrupt myself!

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My sp101 .357 wears a set of CR laser grips. Its a good thing. Assists you in acquiring your target with or without aiming. However....I would not become completely dependent upon it. Say....the batteries take a dump or your laser is off center (or something like that), you could get someone else killed along with yourself. Keep that in the back of your mind and you won't rely on it 100 %.

Artz :biggrin2:
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