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I saw on T.V. a commentator said that there are an average of 5000 injuries a MONTH that go to the hospital from lawnmowers.

Perhaps we can get the Brady bunch to try and outlaw lawnmowers.

Think of it - if we don't have to mow the lawn we can go shooting more.:banana:
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Apparently, Sir Winston never tangled with a lawnmower! :image035:

That's why I practice situational avoidance. If I can avoid a situation involving a lawnmower, it can't hurt me!:gah:

If I could afford it anyways - I'd sell my (pre-ban) mower and sprinkle whiskey all over my grass - makes it come up half cut LOL!
Yea, but can I sue the makers.:scratchchin: :laugh:

i bet ill have to regester my mower in cali now or i will have to have a licensed illegal cut my grass cause he has the aropriate permit to operate a mowing device not to mention the weed eater and rototiller edger ect
Maybe I should carry a BUL (Back-up Lawnmower)
You do have the lawnmower with the required lock, don't you?:aargh4:
Man, this ain't funny, but the wife said that last night in the ER there was a dad that brought his five year old girl because of a lawn mower accident.

His daughter liked to ride on the lawnmower with him when he mowed the lawn and was running out to hop on when she slipped on the dewed grass. She slid feet first under the mower and lost both feet. There was no saving them. :frown:

But I wouldn't have figured there were 5000 accidents a year.
I try to cut my lawn as little as possible...far too dangerous. :yup:
Can we be arrested for ''mowing down'' those innocent blades of grass! :18:

Probably even worse if the transmission is ''full auto'' - you'd need a tax stamp!
One of the few perks to apartment living, no freakin' lawn to mow! For those of you who do, don't forget that tall grass attracts bunnies and all sorts of tastey birds. Seems like a win/win situation to me: No more mowing, fried bunny for dinner and nobody could see your socks n' sandals :rofl:.
P95Carry said:
If I could afford it anyways - I'd sell my (pre-ban) mower and sprinkle whiskey all over my grass - makes it come up half cut LOL!

I too own a pre-ban mower, it holds way too much gas. Also there's only 3 stickers on it saying not to stick my feet under it, while it's running. I called Mrs. Brady, she said there should be 4 stickers, so I just had to try it, guess what, 3 stickers was enough. Bottom line friends don't let friends play with pre-ban lawnmowers. Side note, when I get out of the hospital, I'm going to call Mrs Brady and see if she'll pay, to have my feet reattached.:image035:
I can see the headlines now,"Crazed right wing wacko caught with illegal fully automatic lawnmower and 3 spare blades. Also was carrying a concealed leaf blower. We need more stringent laws to protect the public!!!":aargh4:

ssssthesnake said:
mention the weed eater and rototiller edger ect


Not the dreaded portable mowing devices. Do you need a permit to take them to moms house and "wack" her weeds. Just stay away from the bars when transporting such evil devices.
what about weed eaters?
Man, this thread really took a strange turn! :scruntiny:

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