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First off, I was not sure where to post this...but, I saw that this was the place for, if this is not the right place, perhaps a Mod will kindly put it in the appropriate place.

Let me begin by saying that I hope this will be taken as it is a compliment to the forum and members. So, please consider the whole comment and don't be offended by taking parts of it, out of context.

I have only been a member here for a few days. And, in those few days, I have discovered that this forum is filled with a vast majority of folks that have very little diversity in their base of firearms experience. Seems that this forum has a LOT of younger folks that are very new to firearms and a LOT of older folks that are very new to firearms. Along with this lack of diversity as it relates to firearms, comes a lack of knowledge about the different aspects of firearms, ballistics and firearm related equipment. Now, this strikes me to be in stark contrast to the other forums that I have been on and currently participate on. And, it is also different for me in that I have been around guns all of my life and to be honest, not accustomed to being exposed to so many newbie's to the whole gun experience. As I said, I have been around guns for a lot of years and in those years I have been exposed to most of the different gun activities out there. I have shot some silhouette, some tactical and practical competitions, steel challenge competitions, I have long been into specialty single shot rifle and pistol caliber handguns, I have hunted with rifles and handguns, and been casting bullets and reloading for a LOT of years. So, at first, I really kind of felt out of place...but that seems to be changing, somewhat.

Now, to what I deem to be the jist of this...the compliment.

I have been struck by how the experienced folks that are here, methodically plod along and make suggestions, explain different aspects of the many facets of this increasingly complex "hobby" for lack of a better term, to these folks that do not have the benefit of years of experience with all of these different things. Patience and willingness to share knowledge and bring this "young" group along...seems to abound here. And, friends, that type of thing is sorely lacking in so many areas today...especially on the internet.

Great job..." job!.
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