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Interesting Poll

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Time Magazine\'s Poll on Guns

Note: Just in case they take it down I have posted the results of the poll.

1. Do you own a gun?

75.51% Yes
24.39% No

2. Should the U.S. have stricter gun control laws?

6.73% Yes
93.25% No

3. Do you believe that allowing people to carry concealed
weapons reduces crime?

92.22% Yes
7.76% No

4. Do you believe that U.S. cities should sue gun manufacturers
to recoup money spent dealing with gun-related crime?
1.96% Yes
98.01% No

5. How would you rate the effectiveness of the Brady Bill and
the assault-weapons ban in preventing the illegal use and
distribution of guns?

0.52% Very effective
3.79% Somewhat effective
6.13% Somewhat ineffective
87.27% Not at all effective
2.23% Don\'t know

Total Votes Cast: 33202
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This is about what I would expect, but is anyone else surprised that Time magazine would publish it?
I\'m very surprised that TIME published this.

This pretty much match most of the polls leading up to the sunset . Not that they were publicized that much.
I\'m amazed they published it.
I would have thought it would have wound up in a waste basket.

Originally posted by AirForceShooter
I\'m amazed they published it.
I would have thought it would have wound up in a waste basket.

I am surprsied, too. Maybe there is hope for us yet.
One of these popular magazine companies is going to realize the huge amount of people that will buy their publication if they start printing a pro-gun, conservative format.
Wow a mainstream media prints the truth about guns.

Write this day on the calendar. It for surely must be a first.
I am glad to see this but will it wake the rest of the country up?
I doubt it.
A quick search for \"gun control\" on their site reveals they\'re written quite a few articles on the subject. It\'s late so I\'m not going to read them, but I\'m curious to see how they lean.
I read some articles on the sites search, for the most part they are against guns and gun owners. I did see a few that where positive, but not many.
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