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This came to me in an email, evidently copied from a Democratic political forum.
It is interesting to see one Democrat that has had enough of the far left leanings
of their party, at least when it comes to gun control issues....


I have been \"lurking\" here for quite sometime, and I would like for some of
ya\'ll to meet an \"alienated\" rural Democrat.

First a little background about me.....

My family has STRONG Democratic roots, Both my parents where union
organizers in some textile mills in southwest Virginia back in the 1970\'s I
was the \"Democratic poster child\" in parades back in the 70\'s, we was also
featured on the nightly news for a period of time, with my mother\'s work
with bringing the union into town, (ultimately unsuccessful) My mother was
also a delegate, from the state of Virginia, for Mondale, at the democratic

My wife\'s family has just as strong roots. Her father has just retired from
the coalmines. Her grandfather has served in local government on the
democratic ticket for many years, and is also a union man.

My \"alienation\" began around 1993, when gun control started being a loudly
contested issue. My WHOLE FAMILY owns guns, we ALL where raised around them.

Guns where NOT an issue, everyone had them. I was raised in a small house,
my father\'s long guns where stored in a rack over the headboard of my bed,
his handguns where kept in his bed-side bureau and yes, he kept a .45 1911
pistol, loaded, in the open, on top of his dresser, no big deal, it was
ALWAYS THERE, right beside his tie-tack box.

It was ready to defend everything my father held dear in his life at a
moments notice.

To us kids, it was nothing special, they was ALWAYS their, very much like
the butcher knives in the kitchen, they are both deadly, but they both are
just \"their\".

Nothing special about them

Now I know some of you are thinking my father was a \"gun nut\" he was NOT, I
don\'t ever remember him buying any guns, he did not shoot them often, maybe
a box of shells a year, right before hunting season. All the guns he had, he
had BEFORE he had me.

I had uncles and cousins that \"traded in guns\" allot. It is a hobby to them
and they are law abiding folks, each and everyone. They enjoy the hobby of
collecting and shooting as do I

I remember, me and my (then hardcore democratic uncle) was watching the news
about the Brady bill, he got very silent about it, but was still supportive
to the Democrats. Then the AW ban came, I remember seeing Feinstein on the
news, holding up a semi auto AK up saying that ONLY CRIMINALS would have
one. (Between all of us, we had 4 of those rifles) in the next election my
uncles and cousins went republican, I did too

I PROUDLY voted for Bill Clinton over Bush SR, he took my vote and betrayed
me and my family.

We saw the party that we supported faithfully for generations literally turn
on us overnight it seemed. Gun Control was all over the news and if you
disagreed, you where \"outside the mainstream\" or a \"gun nut\"

Some will say we are just bigots, religious zealots, and \"simpletons\" and we
don\'t matter.

But the truth is I could not careless about gay marriage, I am supportive of
abortion rights, I detest what is happened in Iraq, I BELIEVE IN ALL OF THE

And I am an outcast from the democrats, because I believe in the 2nd

It is about MORE than guns, it is about personal responsibility, I was
taught at a VERY EARLY age, that it is MY number 1 responsibility to protect
myself and family from \"folks that have bad intentions\" Guns are the BEST
means of that, the police are ONLY CALLED AFTER there is a crime committed,
if you cannot defend yourself effectively, or rely on OTHERS to protect your
family, you have FAILED as a parent/husband.

All these gun control laws effect is how effectively I can protect my wife
and kids, or my wife protecting herself and kids when I am not here, THAT IS

Let me point out the damage that gun control has done to the democrats; my
family has swung to the right. All my uncles and cousins proudly sport \"Bush
2004\" and \"W\" stickers on their cars. My father-in-law does not vote
anymore, he cannot vote for the \"gun banners\" but he can\'t bring himself to
vote for the republicans neither. ONLY MY WIFE\'S GRANDFATHER STILL OPENLY
SUPPORTS DEMOCRATS. My wife has swung to the right, she is STILL gloating
about the election.

My parents no longer vote/supports democrats neither.

See the \"gun issue\" is about much more than guns to my family. My family
would be willing to support the democratic agenda (some may be too far gone
now) but I think most would. The Democrats lost us with all the \"Hillbilly\",
\"*******\", and \"gun nut\" talk

It\'s not the 90 million U.S. gun owners or their guns that are the problem.
It\'s the criminals, and the 20,000 gun laws have never deterred them.

Lines like \"Mr. and Miss America turn them ALL IN\" don\'t help you at all in
these parts.

And stop talking about \"hunters\" the INSTANT folks here, hear that, they
KNOW that you\'re a \"gun banner\"

Kerry\'s \"canned\" goose hunt was a joke; his 100% voting record against gun
right was NOT a joke.

I have read \"post after post\" about how the NRA is a shill for the
Republicans, they ARE NOT, they DO Support TRULY Pro-Gun democrats, like my
congress critter, Rep Boucher (D) VA 9th district.(and YES I do vote for him

And the talk of NRA money, PLEAZZZZ, it is the 4 million members that vote
religiously that give the NRA its power

I made this post (MY first) because I WANT to see the Democrats come back, I
am truly scared that soon if the party don\'t learn, they will find
themselves completely out of power. The Republicans being in complete
control scares the crap out of me. I am new to forums so pardon if I have
broken any un-written rules, PLEASE give me a canadate I can support

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You could almost be talking of my son-in-law\'s family. They are all died in the wool dems who are just now waking up and seeing what freedoms they have lost and what the dems would take if they are in office. He (SIL) votes Republican now, but his dad has just stopped voting as he cannot bring himself to vote Republican.

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I know several Democrats that changed for the election but think they will go back to being a Dem next time around.
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