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My name is Bryan Scott Williams. I am the president / chief Instructor at Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC located at

My company specializes in providing training in firearms and tactics to civilian, security / law enforcement, and military personnel.

I hope to have the opportunity to participate in on-going discussions within this forum.

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC
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Welcome Bryan. Good to see you found your way to us. This is a great forum with some seriously skilled thinkers. Hope to see some informative posts from your expertise. To think I lived in CT and went to Law School in New Haven and never knew about the bounty of schools out there. My luck. Ever been to Pepe's Pizza???


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Bryan - welcome :smile: I too will hope to read some of your input - very useful to have you on board.

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Hi Bryan ~ Welcome to the forum.:welcom1:
Folks...Click his LINK & check out his site.
The opening graphics are SUPER NEAT!

That is a really well thought out web site!
I'll spend some more time looking around there soon.
Why do I get that neat feeling that you are going to be an EXTREMELY valuable addition to our forum? :smile:
Looking forward to reading your future posts & threads.
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