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Some wandering thoughts as I wait for grade sheets to print this morning...

Do we, as the gun culture and not society in general, treat handguns differently from "socially" (for lack of a better word)?

Now clearly this is a case among those who choose not to be assertive about their 2A rights. I hate to sound like a hackeneyed comedian, but there's not anything strictly wrong with that.

My siblings are perfect examples.

My sister just doesn't care a flip for pretty much any machine, guns included. They're loud, they're expensive, they're noisy, and seem mechanically complicated. But handguns make her nervous. Ask her to pick up an obviously unloaded handgun, she either won't do it or touches it like it's a dead rat. Long guns, no problem, don't bother her a bit.

My brother is kind of the other way. He's one of these guys that'll have one or two guns he'll go shoot every once in a while, but won't bother to get a carry permit. He just won't. Thing is, he really wants a handgun of some sort. He's just not sure what. I asked my parents if we should get him one for Christmas and they looked at me as if though I were suggesting we give a 6 year old a nuclear bomb.

The reason why is because owning a handgun is a privilege reserved for "adults" in my immediate and extended families. It really doesn't make any sense, but handgun ownership is like a right of passage to us. It's the last step. You own your first handgun, you're now an adult and not just a kid who's old enough to know better.

It really makes no sense at all. I've had the same Mossberg 500 for well over a decade. I've had access to an "evil streetsweeper" :rolleyes: which is far more lethal than any handgun for some time. For several months, it was my "go to" gun because it was either that or a .22 that I could reach for when the mutants broke the front door down.

Do we regard handgun ownership in a different light? Society at large does, that's obvious, but why do even better informed people seem to mimic the convention?
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