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Betty - you have pretty much - and well - posted for me too :smile:

Indeed I think the ''stigma'' of handguns revolves around their ''assassination/execution'' aura, plus even for those who own and shoot a handgun - once the range environment is left behind, they freak out at the thought of constant carry for some reason. Maybe they don't trust themselves in which case - better they don't carry!!

Reminds me yet again of my dear UK leather-working buddy - he thinks because I carry - I am inviting trouble! :rolleyes:. Cannot get him to open his mind to logic.

For most part - we carriers are not only staunch 2A supporters but - also, the people who have seen the way to take responsibility for the protection of selves and loved ones. In my book, a laudable and sensible decision.

Some of the biggest hypoctite gun owners I have met - are the hunter rifle owners, who shoot 4 rounds before season starts to check sights and then that's it - apart from any kills they make. They sometimes think they are in a different class from the rest of us - having some divine right - such that ''other gun people'' do not matter and their rights need not matter either.

ALL firearms owners should be together, on a level playing field - sadly this is not the case.
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