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Amateur psych assessment here:

I would say thet it has to do with the handling of long guns two-handed. It just looks safer. Unless you're having an extremely bad day, or are a total oaf, you really are less likely to "fumble" with a long gun.

Handguns are (for many practical applications) one-handed tools. Safety, firing, and holstering are all done primarily with the dominant hand. Loading and speed firing are more two-handed ops, and because of the confined space in which multiple operations are being performed, it's much easier to fumble with something. Competence=practice. Do you have confidence, seeing someone try to load a mag backwards in a pistol, or drop a mag on the ground and stare at it dumbfounded for a moment?

Honestly, situations as I described can be the result of range safety regs. "Mags must be on the bench, not in a carrier", or, "If you drop a magazine, do not pick it up; raise your hand for the RO to help you." Basically, it's too "safe" to be using live weapons, only a week-end plinker-shooter would really think that way. But I digress. Pretty much, I see it as the fact that a large percentage of HG users really aren't as familiar with the manual of arms as they should be, and that familiarity can't be picked up by daily handling and common usage the way it was 100+ years ago. It requires a dedication that many people don't want to take on, and a high degree of personal/situational awareness (also uncommon.)
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