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Is it just me or does it seem like .380 is becoming available

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I haven't seen it at Walmart yet, but Gander Mountain has gotten some in (sold out immediately) and I see it online as well. Has anybody else gotten the impression that .380 is starting to show up again?
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Saw two 100rd boxes at Wally's yesterday, about $40.00 ea.
I can find it at my local gun store pretty regularly. Not the stuff I would prefer most of the time, but it'll goes bang and is only a couple of miles from my house. All in all not to bad I guess.
The Walmarts around here have not seen ANY .380 in about 9 months and I still haven't seen anything on the shelves, but it appears that it is starting to come in. Let's hope that they are now making .380 and that doesn't cause a 9mm shortage going forward. Think I'll keep stockpiling that.
My gun shop (the one I support) gets me boxes when I need them...from the shelves in the back.:rolleyes:
It was about $32/box at the last purchase.
I don't need a lot as my P-3AT has proven itself and I only really shoot it once in a while.:wave:
I bought my Kel Tec .380 this spring .

The gun shop where I bought it has a range on site .

I ran 50 rounds threw it the day I bought it .

The shop would not sell any and still will not sell .380 for over

the counter they sell for the range use only.

I did find 100 rounds for sale when I bought it at $1.00 a round

needless to say I still have those 100 rounds .

Walmart here is use less trying to buy any thing other than .22

Dicks sporting just as bad along with sports authority
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My local Walmart had a shelf full of WWB .380 and 9mm yesterday. They have had WWB and Federal 9mm on the shelf every time I have been in (maybe 3 times in the last 2 weeks) lately. Picked up a couple boxes of WWB 100 rnd 9mm @$20.95 ea. Up $1 from the last time I bought some several months ago. Didn't notice the price on the .380's, since I don't use 'em. No .45's on the shelf at all tho.
It's popping up online in bulk batches too. My son will have to shoot up the last of mine, long after I'm gone. :hand10:
I've noticed ammunition, in general, coming back in stock much more often. As far as the .380 ammo; I haven't paid too much attention to it (I simply don't have a pistol needing it) but I have noticed it sitting around Wal Mart's shelves.
I was at the shop I give my business to last weekend shopping for a new handgun and just for kicks looked at the ammo. They had about 50 boxes of 50 count .380 for $18.97 a box I think. It was either Blazer or WWB, cannot remember which now.
I just picked up five boxes at Cabela's yesterday. They had more but 5 was what the budget called for. It was the first time I have been able to pick up more than two boxes of .380 for months.

I think that it was probably a bit overpriced, but that's supply and demand.
I see it at my Walmart all the time lately. 100 ct. boxes of WWB. A new Super Walmart opened a couple weeks ago and they must have had 100 boxes of it on the shelf and three different brands/types of 500+ count boxes of .22 (probably 50 boxes of each)
I checked with our 2 local Super Wal-Marts and neither have seen .380 in 9 months.

I did just find WWB .380 for $19.99/box on the Gander Mountain website. If you enter promo code GME1217 then you will get free shipping. I think that is a pretty good price.
Fella's : Picked up 2 boxes wwb .380 100 rd at super WM 34.97 ea. Had 6+ boxes. Dec 18th.:santaclaus:
I picked up 4 boxes of WWB .380 bulk 100 tonight at my local Wal*mart. First time I seen it in about a year.
My Wal Mart had .380, .45, and .44 mag last Friday. Bought the .44 mag as that was all I needed. I talked with the sporting goods guy and we both commented on that being the first .380 that they had in over 6 mo.
Gunshow in Denver this past weekend had a fair amount-IF you wanted to pay the amounts they were charging! (Too much!)
FMJs are still scarce and expensive around here, but maybe less scarce than a few months ago. JHPs are like honest politicians, you've probably heard of one, but have you actually seen one?
Not enough for me to buy a 380. I want a TCP or an LCP but having a hard time pulling the trigger on getting one because 380 is still hard to fine and stupid expensive when you do find it.
The 380 can be found but normally finding both practice & self-defense ammo in the same store is difficult. I am having a tough time finding quality HPs.
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