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APachon's thread on reputable training sites has made me think of something I encountered several months ago.

I will not say exactly when or where, and I cannot recall the exact name of the instituition beyond the fact it had "Central Texas" in the name.

Now it's common for the local boys who aren't the Gunsites and Thunder Ranches we all know about to rent out a booth at a gun show and give you a free quick pointer (Basically a 5 minute class), talk some bull with ya, and give you a business card and send you on your way hoping you'll call them and spend some money. I think most of these people are probably capable of teaching me a thing or five.

I met up with this outfit and the first thing I saw on their table was what looked like police badges. I looked at one closely. It was a 6 pointed star with the words "Concealed Carry Hero" displayed on it. I kid you not.

Now that right there was a sign to get the hell away from these guys, but it's like a train wreck. You don't want to stare but you can't look away.

Their "Faculty" consisted of three guys who could have passed as my grandfather's poker buddies wearing black BDUs with official looking name tags sewn on and the whole shooting match (pardon the pun). Oh and they were all wearing their Concealed Carry Hero badges too. One of them was holding a blue plastic training pistol and talking to someone. The only trouble is he was holding it in a way I've never seen before. His shooting hand was set correctly, but his other hand, well it was like he laid it flat, palm up, and then wrapped it around his other hand. What kind of grip that is I don't know.

On top of that he had the training pistol pointed thoughtlessly at a large crowd of people. That might be forgivable if he was just showing him some kind of drill for just a split second because come on, it is just a piece of plastic that everyone at that show could recognize as a trainer, but he held it there for five minutes. Oh, and his finger would have been on the trigger if the training pistol had posessed one.

Another one of these guys was talking about how to do a tactical reload in the middle of a bank robbery.

I couldn't take it any more. These guys were idiots. They had attracted a lot of attention too. Thankfully no one was buying one of those moronic badges.

I sorely pity any soul who took any lessons from them. I hope to God they're out of business. That's all we need is for ABC news to put these guys on TV so they can say:

"Yep we like to train ordinary citizens to try to stop crimes and encourage vigilantism in general. We also think it's okay to point a gun at a large crowd of people with your finger on the trigger like our Concealed Carry Heroine, Senator Feinstein. She gets a special 7 point star. We also sell Dark Ops tactical folders, perfect for concealed carry deanimation activities."

Now these guys were pretty obvious in their incompetence to anyone with even the most basic knowledge of firearms. A Boy Scout could have spotted these guys were full of crap. But a complete newbie, would they be able to tell? That's what scares me about stuff like this.

It also makes me wonder if I could be just as easily duped. I'm not a qualified firearms instructor at all. There are many and I mean many people who know far more than I do. I promise you anyone that can hit golf balls at 200 feet and has been to a number of these clinics at these good schools could embarass me. Could I get taken?

Any similar experiences out there? I hope not. I know the martial arts world is full of strip mall McDojos. I hope the gun world is not the same way.
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