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Is this a good AK-47? "century arms"

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I am gonna trade a guy my Walther P22 + $150. it looks like the AK sells for around $450 if you can find one...
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It'll do.

Many of the "Century Arms" guns are parts guns that were built to meet U.S. compliance standards. What they did was take parts kits and mate them to a U.S built receiver. That way they could get around a lot of the legal issues that prevented them from being improrted during the Brady Bill Assault Weapons Scam that eventually went away due to the sunset clause built into it.

Others are imported guns after the Brady Bill went away that are fully operational guns but have the company of import on them. Most of what you are seeing now are various Romanian,Polish and Yugoslav imports.
All of them are good working guns,but there are many variations in quality. They can go from totally sucks to pretty good.

Make sure that you see it before you make the deal. Some have the front sights stacked on at an angle, others look like they were inletted with a chopping ax and are pretty crude.

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IMO.....keep looking and you might do better. I don't know your area, and the $450 price may be what's attractive at the moment. I've seen some for sale in the local newspaper, and I've seen an AMD-65 at a local pawn shop for $650. HotGuns threw some good advice at you, but I'm willing to bet the odds are stacked against you on this one being something you won't regret later. Any AK is better than no AK? Not really. Pick it over really good if you can't live without it (for now). Maybe offer to loan yours for the AK for a weekend and get a chance to shoot it. Some of my local shops do lay away plans. A lot of folks are playing on the supply and demand right now, and some offering up things they may have been looking to get rid of for some time anyway. I know it might sound silly advising you not to rush things.....I myself usually go after things on a serious mission once I get the notion. It's a seller's market right now, and buyer beware.

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Will it shoot good? Yes.
Will it be reliable? Yes.
Is it ugly? Yes, but then again all AKs are ugly as sin.
I own one and to date, my only complain with mine has been that Century Arms threaded the barrel with an exotic thread for which I cannot use the most popular muzzle brakes. Other than that it shoots the same as more expensive AKs out there. As long as the front sight is not canted, you are golden.
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