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It may look like a regular 1911, but it's not!

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I'm not sure these pics are going to attach, but I'll do the text and see.

This is a Wilson component based 1911 I built some years ago. I experienced some grip safety blocks because of my high grip and observed the same thing with some other folks. It's kinda interesting that you either have them or you don't.

I realized that part of the problem is that the web of the thumb and index finger put pressure upward against the beavertail which tends to engage the grip safety.

My solution was to separate the grip safety from the beavertail and fit and silver solder the beaver tail to the frame so it couldn't move and hence couldn't effect the grip safety. It worked! Unfortunately it only reduced the trigger blocks though. I switched to a Caspian grip safety and the problem went away. Unfortunately that wasn't a choice when I did all the work.

Hey, the pics show up. I cut the grip safety from a beavertail grip safety with a jewlers hacksaw. All fitting was done with hand tools. Took me two tries to find a silver solder that was strong enough. I had the whole thing hard chromed.
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Excellent Looking piece im alwyas surprised at the Quailty of work done by people.. That beavertail looks like its supposed to be that way very neat..

Wish i was that good but a builder i am not just a repair man
Tangle - nice work indeed :smile:

That's a cool modification to make & a mighty Brave One too!
Your little "project" sure did work out really well.
Love to see forum members doing beautiful intricate hand work. Kudos!
Your pics are just fine BTW.
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