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I came across something that might be of interest to some of you. The web site has a description of a new system to better utilize laser bullets for training and fun. The product consists of a laser bullet (various common calibers available) and a stand to hold a smartphone and a target. More targets can be printed from the website and the app for iPhone or droid is a free download.

I cheated and tried the system without buying the stand and an iTarget bullet because I already have a Laser Ammo bullet in 9mm. I rigged up my iPhone in a homemade stand and taped the target to the wall.

Even jury-rigged as above, the system worked just as described in the instructional video. The smartphone recorded each hit and duplicated it on the screen with little ragged holes on the screen. It made "pow" noises for each hit and tallied a score for the total shots taken. It was fun and it worked.

A bullet in 380 caliber is available so I think I will order the set so I can practice with my pocket pistol. The price of the set is about the same as just a laser bullet from other manufacturers. Those of you that like to train at home may want to explore this.

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