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That''s right!
First of all:
HAPPY LABOR DAY weekend everyone!:danceban:

It was tough to keep kids busy for the summer, it's time to take a break! Ha, ha!
I am sure most of you noticed how the sunlight is changing color as we change seasons.
A natural occurrence due to the inclination of the planet as it goes around the sun.
Things tend to have a warmer yellowish color.
If you feel sleepy and distracted, like day dreaming these days, that is the main reason, the sun.
amazing how something so seemingly inconsequential can have such a great impact, right?
BE SAFE. it's easy to get distracted under these conditions.

Third... Thanks for your patronage everyone.
A touch of Glow-On might be what that old gun needs, right?

Fourth.... It's time to re-seed lawns..Do it before the second week of September.
This allows time for the seed to germinate before the cold sets in.
If you have a good lawnmower use it to shred leaves every so on so you don't have to pick them up.

It takes less time and they basically disappear and you keep your fescue or your rye trimmed.
Avoid using the rake on new grass, it will destroy it.

So in a nutshell...
Have a great weekend, put some Glow-On on those old guns, go get some grass seed, roll your sleeves and make the yard pretty.
I got my rubber boots on and that is exactly what i am fixing to do just now....With the help of a couple of cold ones...Ha, ha!

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