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It's pic time - single shot rifles.

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OK - not overtly defensive as such - could include your deer rifle even!

Let's have a pic thread just on non semi rifles - bolt or lever - even carbines if you wish. ''Sniper'' category too if fitting the specification on action. Even interesting C&R's are OK too.

Let's kick it off with a few of mine, just three, more to follow - Rem 760 is fave deer rifle, Ruger 77 is a good varminter and the Savage - it'll do about anything!

The Savage no longer has the Tasco on it - got a nice used Pentax scope which is fitted - just need to zero in again. That shoots great with 105 Speer spitzers homeloaded.

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A .50 BMG that I built.:image035:
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HG - nice :evil: :smilez:

Hey - trade ya my old Daisy for that :18:

I'll add one or two more of mine to keep the color scheme bright!

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One of these days I need to take some pics of my Milisurps...:image035:
Git'r'done HG! :18:

OK - yours truly is about to crash - so three more pics - one is the old Ishapore Enfield in .308 and two levers. Oh and why not include the old 1916 Spanish Mauser too! -

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Haha - hey Bob - wondered if you'd slip by and spot that one - sorta familiar huh?! :wink:

Still love the rifle - so totable and fun to shoot. It's in good hands as you know. Shucks - musta been two years ago already.

Best wishes.
Dont' do any hunting but here's my alltime favorite single shot.:image035:

Kinda hard to conceal but a great car gun.:danceban:
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