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It's sunny, 82 deg. hum. 42% here - know what this would be a good day for?

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Shooting of course! Unfortunately I don't have my target stuff with me - I knew I should've loaded that stuff back up. :mad:

'Course there's the indoor range; it's not outside but shooting is shooting. There are lot's of good days around here to shoot, when it's sunny, cloudy, rainy, hot, cold, just right, etc. I mean after all, if our time comes it may not be when the temperature is 82, low humidity, bright sunny skies with the sun in the BGs eyes of course. I'm pretty sure BGs are not fair weather friends.

And there's after dark shooting - I'd shoot more at night than in the daytime if it was still permitted at the range. We had an accident at the range a few years back when a man and his son were shooting a full auto Mac 10. The son let the gun rise and fired one over the back stop which hit a man in his yard. He lived, but we nearly got shut down.

Since then, there's no more shooting at night and you have to be range certified for full auto. Plus they put up these big baffle systems at the handgun and plinking ranges to keep a round from straying over the backstop.

But, since I can shoot during the day at off peak times at the indoor range, I can lower the lights and operate by flashlight. The idea is to load, shoot, reload with only the light of the flashlight or no light at all. I haven't done that in a while, I gotta do that soon.

But right now I need to continue testing guns to see which one is the best for you guys to carry. Boy, the sacrifices I make for you guys! I'll probably wind up shooting 300 rounds tomorrow. But, what are friends for!

Unlike last week, this week I'm gonna actually time the shots and I think I'll use separate targets for each gun and score them. You guys are so demanding.

Oh well, I can see P95 counting words so I'd better cut this short. :biggrin:
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329 tangle, LOL :biggrin: !

Must say - I'd like to do more subdued light shooting - tho I am lucky in as much as, one fairly local range when empty of folks on a weekday late afternoon/ early eve, does make for some interest as light fades. No limitation in that respect.

I have used the CT's in near dark to very good effect - leaving aside target ID (another major point) a faint sillhouette is quickly nailed with CT's :smile:

At my IDPA club we hold an annual competition which is a night shoot - VERY interesting that is - and no aids allowed. Light is just real dim from some fairly distant sodium lights. Quite a challenge.

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A lot of folks get bent out of shape about laser sights and night sights for that matter and start screaming about target/threat ID. But there's all kinds of circumstances and lighting where lasers and night sights are appropriate.

For a short period at sunset, you can easily ID a target but can't see your sights against a dark shirt, etc. The CTs are one solution and night sights are another. If one stays alert he will notice all kinds of lighting where it would be easy to ID a target in but hard to see sights. There are times that you only need to ID your target by its presence because you know he's the only other person around. I prefer night sights in that case because I don't emit any light that betrays my position or presence.

And, man, what a great thing you guys do for IDPA.
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