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ITTS in Atlanta (handgun & carbine)

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Since I have the honor of sponsoring Scott Reitz & Brett for a return engagement to Atlanta, I wanted to let everyone know the details.

10/29-31, 2005 ITTS Advanced Handgun The objective of the Advanced Handgun course is to increase the level of speed and accuracy of the student while putting him under stress, using advanced tactical scenarios.

Topics covered: Discriminating Use of Deadly Force with Shoot/No-Shoot targets, Shooting house with Shoot/No- Shoot targets, shooting with one hand only for malfunction clearing, rescue drills, team drills with cover fire, advanced low level light techniques, Use of Deadly Force on close contact encounters with our knife attack system as well as weapon retention, break-a-ways, shooting from 1 yard, moving targets.

Equipment: Handgun with extra magazines, mag pouch, 1200 rounds, flashlight and knee pads.

Prerequisite Intermediate handgun or approval by PDT and/or ITTS
Tuition: $500.00 per person.

11/4-6, 2005 Tactical Carbine
This course covers: deployment and purpose of rifle, sight in, manipulation, zeroing, optics and sighting systems, ballistics, varied position shooting, multiple targets, hostage resolution, night evolutions, problem-solving, vehicle engagement, mover to 100 yards, mover with CQB configuration, team movement, hostage resolution, and much more.

Prerequisite Rifle I or equivalent.
Equipment: Rifle, spare magazines, 900 rifle rounds, optics, sling, flashlight or weapon mounted light, handgun, holster and 100 handgun rounds.

Tuition: $500.00 per person

Please note that LE/mil discounts do NOT apply due to the increased cost of travel, range fees, etc.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve space with balance due no later than ten business days prior to the beginning of each class. Let me know if you have questions or wish to register (or you can it online at my web site at
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