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I'm brand new to gun ownership (as I've mentioned in my two other threads) so I'm looking for some help deciding on IWB holster clips.

While I don't have any experience carrying a gun, I believe I'd rather just carry IWB. I likely won't be carrying that often so I decided to get a 1.25" belt from as the belt size seems more appropriate for my every day use.

I'm going to order a Raven Phantom Kydex holster from and would like to use it as my IWB holster, but I'm a bit confused on the clip options. The guys making the holster said they could make the clips for the 1.25" belt, but I'm wondering what clips would work best. Would someone mind filling me in on the benefits/drawbacks of these clip options?

* tuckable vs. non-tuckable
* Overhooks
* J-hooks
* C-hooks
* Soft Loops
* Velcro Hooks

In all honesty I'm trying to keep from buying items that will just cause frustration later when I try to comfortably wear them. I would think tuckable clips would always trump non-tuckable unless there is some comfort or usability issues.

Any feedback would be most welcome.

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