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Hello Guys,
I have to give a shout out to the 1441_Gear_Store on ebay!
I purchased a Kydex IWB Holster for my new Walther PPS Classic late last year and never really use it as intended until this weekend. I needed a smaller/flat piston for concealed carry with cargo shorts and a dress over shirt. I decided to try the rig and firearm purchased in the fall, usually I do not carry IWB or at least since the late 70's but decided that it would be the only alternative and I am genuinely surprised at the comfort and concealment.
Chuck Blagg at 1441 Gear had done some OWB set ups for me as well and I liked the look of his IWB stuff but never used it for anything other than in hand-around the house carry.
Anyway, I still have it on and really am in no rush to remove it back to the safe!
Give this company a look ad they do have a relatively vast line and very reasonable prices...
Thanks for reading,
Mike...ConquestN98858 :wink:
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