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J.P. checkin' in.

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I'm J.P. from GlockTalk and our Oklahoma site
neat forum you have here,i'm looking forward to participating.
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J.P., Welcome to the forum.
Welcome...I'm sure you will have some great input. Fell free to jump right in.
Hey!!! I come to your forum, you come to my forum. Kinda a trade???

Just kidding, welcome. There's a wealth of knowledge here.
Hello, JP, great to see you here!
Welcome to the forum JP.
Welcome, J.P.
Hey JP

You already scored big points with your bullet test photos.
Welcome to the forum. :usflag:
Looking forward to having you active here.
It's a bit calmer than Glock Talk here.:yup:
Welcome from North Texas, J.P! Glad ya joined. BTW - great report on the tests, and great pics!
Glad you are here!!
Welcome, JP.
Welcome from Idaho JP
Thanks everyone!
J.P. welcome from me too :smilez:
JP - long time no see! Welcome aboard!

Kevin (bulbboy)
Welcome JP, I just joined OKshooters yesterday, glad to have you here, everyone here really knows there stuff!!
Ola... Nice to know yah..!

Eric Howland
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