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Yep, the CZ's are out there w/o accessory rails. Remember, the Charles Daly (KBI) stuff tends to be higher than others on the market. I'd go with the CZ or the Baby Eagle if you can find on priced right.

I must warn you....the Jericho, Baby Eagle, and CZ-75 lines are VERY addictive. They feel absolutely wonderful in the hand and shoot great. My wife even likes the Baby Eagle!

I've had bad experiences with Magnum Research in the past, but they took wonderful care of me on my speed-bump with my Baby Eagle II. Minor out-of-spec issue with the decocking mechanism...fixed and shoots like a champ. Nearly 1000 rounds through mine and no problems after they fixed it.

If you need an IWB holster for it, Crossbreed can make you one! They made one for my BE II.
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