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Joined local rifle club

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Well I am now an official member of my local rifle club which has a nice range out in the boonies. Last Sat. I went and attended range orientation and got the combo to the gate. After orientation I got my little AK-22 out of the car. Funny story about that gun. I went to my gun dealer and asked him if he would order me an AK-22. He hemm-hawed around and said he couldn't(never did figure out why). But he said wait a minute and went to his back room. He emerged with an old AK-22 without a butt stock. It seems he had bought this gun in a police auction. It had been seized from a drug dealer. He had had it since 1998!!! He had tried to find the metal piece to attach a butt stock to it and had never had any luck. He said he would let me have it for $50.00. I inspected it and racked it and agreed. I took it home and cleaned and polished it and loaded a clip of rounds. As soon as I racked it, it jammed! No matter how much oil I used it still jammed. I unloaded and felt the mag spring, it seemed a bit weak. I found an AK-22 mag at and ordered it. When it arrived I tried again. The bullets fed just fine. But no where to shoot my little bargain. So now as a member of the rifle club I can fire it. It performed flawlessly. I was very happy to say the least. I still don't have that metal part that connects the butt stock to the frame, but hey, you can't beat the price for a semi auto 22!!!
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HPH - what a great deal :smile: Even if parts missing - now you have that functional it must be a blast!

Good to have a rifle club membership - particularly for those times when you need to shoot 100 and 200 yards with centerfire.
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