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Just added a Shield!

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I just picked up a Shield 40, had to jump on it, $400 after tax and fees.

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Congratulations! Some have been on a waiting list for months for a Shield.

Give it a good workout & let us know how it performs.
That's a great price on the Shield. Congratulations. Hope you are well pleased with it.
Congrats. I love mine. I was so excited when the clerk heard me talking about it and said "I think I have one in the safe that just came in". Enjoy it. Pick a holster yet?
Man! They're hard to come by
I have not picked one yet, most likely will go with a galco king tuck because I love the king tuck I have for my g19

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The Shield is a great compact carry gun. Congrats!
Very nice. I've had mine since May 2012 in 9mm, and have 2000 rounds thru it. Great gun!
I just received my first Remora holster for my shield. I was skeptical, but for the price I thought I would give it a shot. It works great!! I can tuck my shirt in easily and it sticks where I place it. Very convenient. I ordered one holster and they sent me two! They have some promo going on in April. I use the other for my 40c.

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Congrats! I would love to have some type of subcompact .40, but with the ammo situation the way it is I'm having a hard enough time managing two different calibers. If I see a new Shield come up in 9mm at or near MSRP, I'm jumping right on it.

99.9999999% of the info I'm always reading about the Shield`s has all been good stuff. So you should be happy with it!

Let us know how it works out for you.
I hope yours works better than mine :frown:
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