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Just found an anti-gun poster on deviantart

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The majority of gun related crimes in the United States are committed by criminals.
Well, like, DUH! :tired:

And these people refer to themselves as "enlightened"... :rant:
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That ranks right up there with: "98% of all people who fly to Europe go by airplane." It would be bad enough if someone just said it, but the ones that do think that they had made a profound statement.
It ranks up there with one I heard on the radio... The crime rate is down, but the jails are more full than ever... Oh good grief!
think that might be a good idea for the antis lol no just kidding
Looking at it I think it is just dumb. But then I looked at objectively and artistically. You have to admit that it is nice work.

But the message is still D-U-M....dumb.
Yeah, that's the sad part. Wasted talent. We could use another Oleg Volk on our side.
I don't see this as anti gun at all. The poster says what we all agree with...get guns out of the hands of criminals, and repeat criminal offenders should stay in prison. No more laws are's already illegal for criminals to have guns. Enforce the laws we have.
I Don't See It As Anti~Gun Either

It a poster to keep guns out of the hands of criminals & we are not criminals.
I agree with that. Criminals should not have guns & repeat offenders should not be let back out onto the streets.


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It a poster to keep guns out of the hands of criminals & we are not criminals.
Exactly. We are the only ones that any legislation will apply to, though.

Lots of legislation has been passed in the past to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Didn't work. Instead, we now have to fight long and hard to restore the RKBA for law-abiding citizens.

Gun control always aims at criminals and always affects only innocents.

Given the choice, I'd prefer armed criminals in an armed society over armed criminals in a disarmed society.

And no, I don't think this is a false dilemma, because the "repeat offender" aspect is a red herring. The poster is not about a three strikes law. It's about guns. And we all know that it's never really about guns. It's about control.
The guy needs a copy editor as the stated statement is stupid.
OMG, criminals commit crimes!!!1!

- Janq
Hey Q, can I save a copy of that revised poster? Or could you email a full sized copy to me. I like that.

As for the original, my first thought was that it would be a bad habit to point a gun at your eyeball and then read the describtion of what it was about. As was previously mentioned, any gun control law just hurts the law abiding and does nothing to curb the criminals from still being criminals with whatever tools they decide to use for their crimes.

Wayne...that IS the full size copy. I just did it real quick like for this this forum post.
Okay, I am saving a copy of it, I like it (think it's much better than the original).

ibex said:
Given the choice, I'd prefer armed criminals in an armed society over armed criminals in a disarmed society.
Amen to that!

The poster also says:
No, this isn't his first time and it won't be his last.
Unless she shoots first.
LibertyGal said:
...Unless she shoots first.
Ding ding ding...we have a winner :hand10:
Not anti gun

Dont think it is anti gun. The artists comments specifically state that the intention is to stop previously convicted criminals from getting guns. He uses the actual words 'previously convicted'.

He is saying that the majority of gun criminals were criminals before that. 'Its not his first time.....'

So, it makes sense and is not anti gun. Seems to me he is just looking for tougher enforcement of the laws preventing criminal access to guns.
I agree with Fragman. I didn't find it blatantly anti-gun only anti-repeat offender.
If it wasn't anti-gun, it would say "Keep criminals away from guns", not "Keep guns away from criminals".

Edited to add:
The first step in keeping guns away from criminals is always to keep guns away from law-abiding citizens.

mzmtg said:
I like this one better:
Other than the trigger violation of course!
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