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Just got a Sig 226 ST and a Norinco 1911A1C

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Life is good!!! :danceban:
In the last seven days I received in the mail a gunsmith prepped Norinco 1911A1C and a Stainless Sig 226 in 9mm, I am hoping to christen them both this weekend!! :banana:

The 1911 has a nice clean trigger and I think the gunsmith also installed a recoil buffer but am not sure. The fit of the gun is quite nice and grips are decent for a Norinco, although I have set of Hogues for it, but will try it stock first. The finish is fine, but not as nice and glossy as the NZ-85b, this is a pure utility gun. Later I might add a nicer beaver tail, the stock one is a bit sharp on the edges. The sights will need replacing, but the bank account needs replenishment first!

The all stainless Sig is gorgeous, like all Sigs, it fits the bigger hand nicely, sights are easy to see. Will get night sights later. The stainless finish is sort of a matte, rather than shiny. Compared to the NZ or even the CZ’s, this is simple to rack the slide, big and well grooved. Trigger feels good. Since I have cut my teeth on Norinco trigger and sights, this is a big step up for me. I still plan to keep the NZ-85b and will shoot all three.

Need to get a middle of the road holster for the Sig, any suggestions in the $50-70 range?

I am one happy camper!!! :image035:
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Congrats and enjoy...I can feel the excitement!
Colin, as a fellow 226 ST owner I congratulate you - one super nice gun. I think it is Tom also who carries one. I had mine already fitted with night sights and they are good - also nice to add CT grips, partly for laser but also the feel with those grips is awesome.

Mine lives daily in a K&D Defender rig - OWB and holds real tight - ideal for me. Check on Kevin's site for options and prices - should be about manageable and I recommend it if OWB would suit you.

Meant to say too - no personal experience with Norinco 1911 but have heard some quite favorable feedback and IIRC not a lot of negatives.

OOooooo...two good choices! Congrats :hand10:
Just three weeks ago, I bought a Sig P226R with Crimson Trace laser grips. Absolutely love it! I'm sure you will enjoy yours, too! Just ordered a holster from K&D, an Anaconda Eagle Defender OWB; can't wait but quality takes time! Shoot safe!
Congratulations, Colin. Both sound like good choices. Nothing I have ever bought feels as good as a new gun. Enjoy them.
Ummmmm, didn't you forget something Sir?


Nice, I'm still looking for a Norinco (or s Sistema).

Congrats on your acquisitions. As Chris mentioned, I carry a P226ST daily. I started out with a Safepacker (Wilderness Tactical), which has served me very well OWB for some situations, and I will continue to use it for camping and hiking after my Max Con V arrives. I added a used Galco NSA II for IWB, and it does OK, for now. Can't wait for my Max Con V and VI, though.
Well the bank account will have to wait for the CT grips and nite sights, how about the Gold trigger and hammer offered on the Sig Sauer site?

Das Gang
Sig 226 Stainless 9mm
Norinco .45ACP 1911A1C
Norinco NZ-85b 9mm

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Forget the gold ''bling'' - IMO adds nothing to function and just puts money in an area with little benefit.

Save for the sights and get them when you can - be worth it.
Colin said:
Well the bank account will have to wait for the CT grips and nite sights, how about the Gold trigger and hammer offered on the Sig Sauer site?
You just got yourself one of the finest combat handguns in the world. IMHO, it speaks for itself. Save your money.
Good choices and similar to mine for my primary sidearms.
But if i bling it! then I can write a rap song about my bling, bling Sig, it kind of works....:danceban: :gah:
Well got to shoot my new guns at the S&D last weekend, I am a really happy camper!!!

The Sig looks good just sitting there, I was a little nervous as I hadn’t had much chance to practice with it. My first magazine was all over the place, but the 2nd set produced a group about the size of a loonie (slightly over 1") with 7 rds in it from 7metres. Still got some good groups at 10m. Once I get used to the gun it will improve quickly. This gun really wants to put the rounds where you aim it. The extra weight in the frame keeps the muzzle flip down and the contrast sights are easy to pick up. The gun was a little cranky at first and I think one of the magazines that I already had is problematic.

This is a duty gun so the take up on the DA trigger is long, but smooth, the SA trigger is short and light. The reset seems a little odd and not as precise as another Sig there, but I think it is already improving.

The workmanship in the gun is excellent and the all stainless frame/slide makes it easy to clean and see dirt in the recesses. It also has rails if I decide to get a light. Later I will add nitesights and perhaps a set of Crimson Trace grips.

The Norinco .45 commander from Armco (gunsmith) was also very nice to shoot. This is my first 45 so it will take a bit to get good with it. The trigger is sweet and the fit of the gun is excellent. I noticed that Armco has fitted a recoil buffer, polished the feed ramp and a few other places. Another Nork commander owner commented that the finish on this gun was nicer than his. The grips are good for Norinco, but I will be replacing them with Hogues. My only criticism of this gun is that the end of the beavertail is a bit sharp and could be rounded off.

I intend to put different sights on this gun and possible an extended beavertail.

It’s a keeper!
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Colin....just bought the P226 in .40 last week for my best friend. My buddy is paying me with (quiet discrete non-wife noticing) equal payments to dodge the potential frying pan reprimand. It feels like a beauty!!!
I personally own the same CZ as you with the same grips- twins. The CZ 75b is the most accurate pistol I have shot. It is the best firearms I have owned when comparing what I paid to the performance. It is deadly -cut the bull's eye out at 30 feet- accurate, and it just will not jam (on factory loads) ! Those Czechs have been making guns a long time and I guess have- it- down-pat. I hope the Sig preforms as well for my buddy as the CZ. If it does as well, or better, he will be very pleased indeed.

Let us know how the Norinco 1911 flies. I've heard some very mixed reviews on the performance of the Nor-1911's- some OK and some very bad.


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Congratulations on your acquisitions! :smile:
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