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Just got my K&D Holsters for Kahr PM9

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Just got em!!! A Laredo Defender OWB and a Cochise Defender IWB. SWEET:danceban: The pistol fits perfectly in both. Was a long wait and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to live long enough to enjoy them but I made it. Quality workmanship indeed:congrats:
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Glad that you like them. It does my heart good to see people happy with the Laredo.
Here They Are

Here Ya Go.....Nice Craftsmanship!!!! Hope the pics come out OK!!!
Very nice need to get a pic of my g20 in my holster from Kd
Great HV.

As expected - quality workmanship :smilez:
They look great. I think it's time for me to do some holster shopping... How long did it take?
duckhunter said:
They look great. I think it's time for me to do some holster shopping... How long did it take?
Quality is worth the wait!

Great looking holsters HV.

Very nice pair of combat leather.
Oh man, I am on the list. I try to just forget about it,but folks keep posting pictures of thier rigs and I start dreaming again. I'm only a couple weeks into my wait. :tumbleweed:
I can't help it. You post it. I look at it.
I should be receiving my Laredo Defenders for the Kahr MK9 and SA 1911 soon. Can't wait!

I am guessing it took about 6 weeks. Most custom made holsters take about that long.

Seeing your pics got me excited all over again, while waiting for my Laredo Defender! Yours looks great!

Mine came today, one day sooner than I thought. I've already posted a thread with pictures, too. :biggrin2:

Getting a belt from Kevin was one of my brighter moves, and I have to thank many from this Forum for hammering that into my noggin.

Now, I've got a much better idea of what everyone was going on about when they advised me to "get quality leather!"

Hope you are as happy with your holster, as I am with mine. :hand10:

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