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Just got word, I'm going to get an Island vacation

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...In Haiti.

I belong to a national task force that does search and rescue, prolonged hostage or other SWAT type missions etc. I'm in the protection element for the medical staff.
I just got word that we are going to Haiti, it will be my third time there. Chances are, we won't go. Or we'll get there and turn around and come back. A lot of times in situations like this, we go, drop off supplies and get out of town just as quick as we came in. Only time will tell. But its a PIA not knowing until the phone rings and somebody tells me the suburban will be at the office in 20 minutes to take us to the airport.

My wife is going to be pissed. LOL I don't get to worked up until I land in Haiti. More often than not, we go and end up sitting in some airport, not doing a darn thing.

Oh well, my go bags are sitting by the front door.
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Good luck if you go and stay safe. Thanks for being willing to do that sort of work. People like you are what give Americans a good name in the rest of the world. Even if not everyone likes Americans, those you help now will not forget.
Good luck, Sixto! Hopefully it will be as painless as you hope. Thank you for serving in such a time of need!

Good luck and stay safe!
Safe travels, Sixto! Come back soon, safe and sound.
Take care be safe!
Goodluck, stay safe!
Enjoy the sunshine! Be safe!
I might need luck, there is a debate on what equipment we are allowed to take. We might not even leave the port.
God Luck and stay safe. Keep us informed if possible.
My family's prayers will be with you. Thank you for your service.
Stay safe and enjoy your warm Caribbean vacation...

Don't forget to pack the sunscreen...

You redheads toast fairly easy! :85:
be safe, i remember reading HIV is rampant down there and it live in the body for a few days after death.
Stay safe and only drink from sealed bottles!
Good luck, stay safe, and return in the same condition you left us.

You'll be in our thoughts.
Good luck! I'm a member of a similar group for DoS, but as I'm pretty far down the "call list" right now I seriously doubt I'll get the word. Let us know how it turns out...
I might need luck, there is a debate on what equipment we are allowed to take. We might not even leave the port.
Rock, paper, scissors for gear?
Good Luck and Stay safe.
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