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disko, What rules/regs made you change? Did you check out TPI? Got mine from Todd and looks and feels great. Just the right size and weight. The Denver (4 ply)from BL is great also. Will order a "spare" or two from them at those prices.

If you can (legal?) would reccommend a SAP vs. BJ. The SAPs edge will "cut" better and used on the large muscle groups,closer to the skin will deny use of the arm,hand,leg,etc. It's kinda like the doctor striking above or below your knee to check your reflexes. Only the very hard forceful edge strike will (for the lack of the medical term) make the muscle useless.

With using just a little force/swing try it on yourself. I tried to get my wife to volunteer but she had her revo in the pocket of her jeans so decided against it.

Sooooooo,as I write this I'm a little black & blue. ------
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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