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Just ordered a Spyderco Spyderfly!

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After doing some research I decided that the Microtech III I wanted would be best to be waited upon. After looking around I decided to get a Spyderco Spyderfly from New Graham Knives.

Does anyone own this knife? Opinions please.

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I had one for a while. I carried it some, even though its illegal to do so in my state. Eventually, I let a drug cop friend trade it out of me.
Lawrence Keeney said:
I had one for a while. I carried it some, even though its illegal to do so in my state. Eventually, I let a drug cop friend trade it out of me.
What was your opinion the the knifes quality and blade etc...? Anything else I should know?
I really like Spyderco knives - they're a good balance between quality and affordable price. I like the Spyderfly, but I don't have one because it's not legal for me to carry and would end up in its box in my safe, along with a dozen plus other knives in there. :icon_neutral:

Are you looking at this knife as a carry knife for defense, or do you want it "just because?"
Owning allot of Balisongs, I picked up a Spyderfly knock-off that I had to have to compare to all the others I manipulate. It's different than all others and feels a little too light for me. The positive locking latch is nice if you carry yours in your front pants pocket next to 'Wally' as most Balis come open which could be perilous. All mine are 'latchless' as I sport them in a horizontal sheath. As a normal pocket knife (even in California) I have a clip-on Spyderco Meer Cat serrated. I've used this knife for 6 years, cut everything and anything and it looks brand new. Spydercos are definitely worth every penny you spend for them, ... but I can't see carrying a Spyderfly unless you really work with it for defense purposes, ... it's overkill for regular pocketknife duty, and if you really want a Balisong that's a good value, yet you won't cringe too much if Johnny Law gets hold of it, ... A Jaguar or Bear Balisong hits the spot! (Jaguars are my favorite!)
Well, ... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Best of luck with your new choice.
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I plan on carry but want to get familar with it first and become good at manipulating it. Im heard that a knife isnt worth carrying unless you know how to use it. I found a video or two for butterfly knives that helps you become somewhat familar with it. Im going to give that route a try before I actually carry it.
Just remember, when it comes to openings/closings for self-defense, simple is better. I personally don't think much of Bali's for SD considering all the other knives out there that are simpler and faster (I've got several and I love playing with them, I just don't carry them). However, if that's what you want, knock yourself out. Just pick one or two simple techniques and practice like crazy. Also keep in mind that in the closed position the Bali makes one heck of an impact weapon. Have fun and don't lose any fingers.
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