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Just Relaxed with a Plain "Vanilla" Revolver...

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Hello. I went out to the firing range today without note paper, camera, or any project or agenda other than to have some fun with my 4" S&W Model 10 HB. I picked this up "right" at a gunshow a while back and while I'd have preferred the traditional square butt, I've learned to live with the round one on this service size K-frame.

In this picture it has the inexpensive nylon "Hideout" grips on it and they work fine, but I put it back in original condition with the S&W round butt service stocks and a Tyler grip adapter before shooting it today.

Shooting the revolver double-action, I did mostly 15 and 25 yard slow-fire double-action shooting.

I did fire 12 shots rapid-fire at 5 and 7 yards, but then fired the remaining 88 shots in slow, deliberate double-action. Groups at 25 yards were about the size of a grown man's clenched fist which was good enough for me.

Speaking only for myself, I find that just shooting for fun is as relaxing as can be. Though I do think we should always work for proper grip, sight picture, trigger control, etc, sometimes it is just plain fun to go out and shoot for fun.

I think that sometimes I get too wrapped around the axle worrying about shooting the tightest groups possible or having a split time below this or that...and it seems to take the fun out of it after 30 + years. Now and then I suggest that we all just go and while we should try to do our best so that bad habits are not ingrained, just plain have fun.

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Agreed. I really enjoy shooting J-frames at old 5 gallon buckets at about 10 yards. Doesn't prove a thing except it's fun. A few weekends ago, I had the chance to run a magazine through a HK G3. I was shooting at a big berm -- have no idea what exactly I hit except that berm. Outstanding! It is nice sometimes to just relax and not worry about anything but the joy of shooting.

:smile: Nice! Classic!

And Ditto: On just shooting for plain old fun...every once in a while!
That would be a plain jane wouldnt it ?

good looking pistol though
Indeed Steve - pure recreational shooting is great! This why I so often finish up a session with a boatload of .22's - shere plinking pleasure :smile:

I do love that old 10 and the heavy barrel. Nice piece.
There's nothing like just occasionally plinking with no concern for actually "practicing/training." I'll occasionally go out just when it's light enough to see (no one at the range that early) and send a couple-hundred .22's downrange...great stress relief.

Oh, nice pistol, I've been meaning to pick up something like that, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

One of - if not my favorite handgun. Bone stock Older Model 10.

These just work. Teaching new shooters, plinking, targets, small game, bedroom gun,house gun...

I still like to shoot tin cans. Ladies I assited with CCW and learning to shoot had fun shooting tin cans. Fun Trigger time.

Kids shoot this gun well too, we just used a mild wadcutter load. Balloons and bigger cans at first.

Thank you sir!
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