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I see where you thanked Betty for helping with your post. If you are open to suggestions, go to and look right above the window where you would type in your search, for the word "more."

Click on that link and on the page that opens next, look at the list you'll see, down the first column, for one that says, "toolbar." Click on this one.

This will let you add the Google Toolbar to your web browser. You can use it to search the Internet, but it also will spell check anything you type into a frame, like you do when you post on this forum. It will highlight misspelled words and offer a list of corrections. Just click on the one you like, it will replace the one you typed.

This darned thing does a great job of making my post easier to read.

As they say, "Try it, you'll like it!" :biggrin2:


PS: It made 3 corrections to this post!
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