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just tryed to help

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in 90 i was home on leave and i walked out of a lil stop n rob to find this long haired druggy looking guy sitting on his girlfriends mid~section beating the living daylights out of her.

I honestly thought about just minding my own business...since getting in to trouble with the law would cause me some severe problems back on post but, being the dumb grunt that i am - i decided to help
"oooops" i yelled at the guy while approaching so that he might deflect his attention from smashing her up any further

all he did was pause and tell me to mind my own fing business turned back to her and pounded away.
She was a mess.
So..when he went back to work on her i grabbed a big ol handful of long hair and yanked him back ward off her and onto his face
then straddling him.
I applied what is known as jujitsu as a rear nekid choke putting him to sleep

The moral is
She jumps up starts yelling for the police which had arrived on the scene to arrest me for assaulting her.
Her Boy Friend & i got cuffed and put in a squad car till they could straighten it all out.

Meanwhile she was yelling the whole time that she wanted to press charges (not on the guy that had broken her nose and knocked out three teeth) but on me for hurting her precious bf
i walked...after the police got them to leave.
this was before the mandatory charge law was passed for domestic violence in Calif made me feel like never helping anyone again
but to tell the truth i would do it all again
this happened in Modesto California (still a crap hole) thats why i don't live there any more.
Just thought you all might like this you never know when you try to help who's side the victim will be on in a domestic issue
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I'm in agreement. It was the best response at the time with the information give. Who would have thought someone was happy getting their stuff kicked?

Makes you think, though, if you were carrying at the time, would your response have been different?
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