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K&D Holsters question. . .

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I'm thinking about two holsters from K&D, for my Glock 23.

As much as I think I'd like their Eagle Defender, the one thing I've liked about a paddle holster is how easy they are to put on and take off.

I know that if I must enter a "no-gun zone," I can simply remove the G23 from the holster and place it in a spare, inside the glove box, while sitting in the front seat of my truck.

But it would easier to simply remove a paddle holster and secure it out of sight, and not go about wearing an empty holster.

The answer to my problem just might be K&D's Laredo Defender.

Anyone familiar with that one? Would that snap-on holster come close to keeping the gun as tight agains the body for concealment as the Eagle Defender? Unsnapping that holster would be faster and easier than unthreading one from a belt, while sitting in the front seat.

I ask this, with the assumption that a good belt would be in use.

Anyone have and currently use a Laredo Defender?

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Mike, I am fairly sure someone has the Laredo - just forget who for sure - maybe Combat Effective?

I would tho also just suggest emailing Kevin - [email protected]

I do make a paddle holster now. You can see it here on the forum:

Here's CombatEffective's review of the Laredo Defender:

I've been making quite a few of the Laredo Defender and have gotten very positive feedback from the customers. I think you would find that it does what it's designed to do. If you chose to order one, and found that it didn't work for you, you can easily return it for a refund - no questions asked. :smile:

I really appreciate your posting in response to my question!

The review you posted a link to was most helpful. I notice that you didn't link just that post, but the entire thread, so I could also read the comments made by others, in reply to the review.

This way, I got to read everything, not just the very positive review.
I like that.

Just one more question, if I may. From the looks of it, it would seem that this holster would not require any additional custom work to accomodate my G23 with it's CT laser grip.

Is that the case?

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The Laredo will treat you much better than any paddle holster that I have ever tried. I sometimes wear the Laredo for 14 or 15 hours a day and find it tobe very comfortable. Paddle holsters start making me sore after 8 hours or so if I can stand to keep it on that long. I like them for range use and such, but have yet to find one that I can wear all day long.
Thanks, CE!

I had intended to wait for my CCW to show up, before ordering another holster. I'd intended to stick with my current one, but I kept coming back to the K&D web site and looking at them.

I'd be ordering a Laredo Defender without the thumb break for my G23 and the only concern I have now is about the fit with a CT laser grip on the Glock.

It doesn't look like that would be a problem, but I'd like to find out for sure, first.

If that isn't a problem, then I'll place an order for one, right away.

I'm convinced, already!! :yup:

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That was a good Review dont know how i missed it before

The grips should not create a problem with the holster's current design.

One thing I respected most about CombatEffective's review of the holster was that it was not done immediately after he received the holster. A quick review - in my opinion - fails to give a fair assessment of the holster - good or bad. CombatEffective's review came some five months after he received the holster. Sometimes evidence of a poorly designed/made holster is not readily apparent, and only comes through the daily use and function testing of the holster.
Your right on Combats holster Review i wont review on till after i wear it awhile unless i really am impressed with it .. i got a holster coming to review but probley wont hear much abou tit till june or so
Just placed my order for one Laredo Defender, brown, with my initials, and no thumb break.

Just for the record, I have no problem with my current holster, a Blackhawk CQC carbon fiber.

But there's just something in me that drives me towards craftsmanship.

Even though I decided to go with a more modern composit weapon, the traditionalist in me wants to get back to leather for the holster.

Thanks for everyone's help! :wave:

Leather is the way to go even for tupperware i use leather for my tupperware also
Sort of a family trend, for me. The boat my father just bought (in his, mine, and my brother's name on the title,) is also tupperware.

However, it is a sailboat, not a "stinkpot." :smilez:

On the boat. . . Wonder if I can get some tracers in .40 S&W? Might could pass the Glock off as a "signal device." :image035:

mm long does it generally take to get holsters. I just ordered 2 for a Kahr PM9 a couple days ago. Just wondering!!!! Thanks
For those ordering the Laredo you will not be disapointed with your decision. I love mine. I have several other nice OWB holsters for my 4006, but I never wear them on a regular basis. I keep them in my desk and loan them out to others on plain clothes assignments.

Right now I'm running at a 6-week turnaround. Feel free to contact me at any time to check the status.

I went back to the web site after I ordered the holster (MJS,) and tried to order a belt. I wanted to order the tan, basket weave, 1 1/2 in. wide belt, 36 1/2 measurement.

But the pull-down ordering selection only showed the standard belt, and I saw no way to order the other version, other than using the comments window.

Only problem with that would be the price difference.

Is the standard belt the only one currently available? If so, I'd be OK with that. But if I can order the one described above, I'd like to.

I was thinking that maybe it could be shipped along with the holster, but if it is an availability problem, seperate would be fine, too.

I'll check the board in the AM. If need be, I'll give you a call at the number on the web site.

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You can order the regular belt, and then in the comments section just indicate that you would like for it to have the basketweave on it.

The holster and belt would ship together - so you would only have one shipping charge.

I'll send you a pm/email.

PM recieved, PM and payment sent! :biggrin2:

I'm looking forward to posting some pics of this.

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