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Kahr CW380

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Anyone come across one yet or even better own one? I'm kicking around the thought of a pocket pistol for the summer and am leaning toward an LCP but this gun has me thinking about it.
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The Kahr is the nicer of the two. I owned a P380 and it was a sweet little gun. Compared to the LCP it has a smoother trigger, better sights, and less felt recoil. You will actually not mind shooting the Kahr the range, the Ruger is not fun to shoot. Granted neither is a range gun, they are deep conceal pocket guns. I only ended up trading my Kahr because I never carried it like I thought I would. It just sat in a draw, so I traded on the larger MK9, which I carry everyday.
Give it a 9 months to a year before advance orders catch up and pistols start to show in the gun shops. I bought a taurus TCP and am very pleased with it even when my other carry pistols are kahr.
I have been carrying an LCP for about 3 years. It has been 100% reliable. Having said that, I will buy the first CW380 I see. Love those Kahr triggers.
When I bought a 380, I was trying to decide between a Kahr and an LCP. Luckily, I found a range that let me rent the two. After the first few shots, my decision was made. I bought the Kahr and never looked back. I have the P380 but it is basically the same gun as the CW380. I love that little gun!
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