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Kahr holster question

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Ok as some of you know I will shortly be the proud owner of a new Kahr TP-9. Question I have for you all is that I observed a posting somewhere that the TP-9 will work perfectly in a 1911 holster (specifically a Yaquari Slide). Is this correct? Does anyone have a Kahr they can slip into a 1911 holster and see if it works "perfectly"? Maybe Gary can thrown in his thoughts on this. Also how about the mag's? I have several nice mag holsters for 1911 and just wondered if the Kahr's mags will fit tightly in them.

Thanks ya'al.

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The answer is, uh - maybe...
It depends on the amount of detail molding and tolerences of the holster. I tried a Kahr in an 1911 Officer's model holster that I had sewn but not yet molded. It fit and the retention was snug enough that it would work. I then tried it a finished holster for an Officer's model and couldn't even get the Kahr into the holster due to the degree of molding. So the answer is definately "No" if it's a holster molded as detailed as one of mine or Gary's. If it were a softer holster that was only lightly pressure molded or had no molding it may work OK. As to mags, the 1911 mags are thicker, so unless the mag-pouch has a tension screw you could snug down I'd say no-go.
Hope this helps.
on factory holsters the only issue i have seen on the p framed kahrs is that you may have to stretch the thumbsnap just slightly to button over the back of the kahr if the holster is so equiped , i use a lot of my 1911 leather for kahr p frame but note none of it is above the galco/donhume/bianchi level , no real fine leather

edited to say just for grinz i tried it in a belt slide bianchi for a k frame smith revolver , and dammed if it wasnt nearly a perfict fit there too LOL
Thanks bro. I think my confustion came when I saw that the Fobus Yaqui slide fits both the 1911 and the Kahrs. Not a super big fan of Fobus but I have used them (tried on on my last qual and I sucked, I'm going back to my Sparks ITP) but the belt slide / paddle for quick usage might happen.

Thanks for your research and I guess i'll just have to send the folks at Sparks some more of muh money.

glad to be of help ... enjoy the kahr , i am torn between that model next or a p45 , prob go the p45 next tho lol
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