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The answer is, uh - maybe...
It depends on the amount of detail molding and tolerences of the holster. I tried a Kahr in an 1911 Officer's model holster that I had sewn but not yet molded. It fit and the retention was snug enough that it would work. I then tried it a finished holster for an Officer's model and couldn't even get the Kahr into the holster due to the degree of molding. So the answer is definately "No" if it's a holster molded as detailed as one of mine or Gary's. If it were a softer holster that was only lightly pressure molded or had no molding it may work OK. As to mags, the 1911 mags are thicker, so unless the mag-pouch has a tension screw you could snug down I'd say no-go.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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