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Come on, all mah gun-lovin' brothers and sisters... I was being completely sarcastic.

If you watch the animation on Kahr's website (which many find ridiculous and offensive), you'll understand why I made the sarcastic comment I did.

My personal carry handgun is a Glock 19. I love Glocks. I hate Nazis. But the animation on Kahr's website is a direct stab at Glock, and it associates "" with Nazis.

Besides being a poorly done, uninteresting animation, it's just plain stupid.

I'm realize that Kahr handguns are considered "top-shelf" firearms. I was just pointing out the ridiculous animation on Kahr's site. Their marketing team should really look into other avenues to introduce the consumer to their new P45.

And Betty is cool.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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